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Sustainable Engineering

for Energy, Water and Waste

Measuring and Managing Sustainability

We help properties in Bali reduce electricity and water consumption and strive for zero waste to landfill. This reduces operational costs and increases efficiency.

At the same time, we are constantly measuring sustainability indicators and connecting Bali´s properties to define our environmental impact on Bali.


Use accurate data to create an easy transition and management scheme for your property to become more sustainable.


Guide your projects and team efforts with better evaluations and assessment tools. Realize and track progress and achievements.


Connect with the best solutions available and be part of a network that is defining Bali’s ecosystem boundaries.

We are a dedicated team

combining practical and local solutions with state of the art knowledge

We help property owners and managers understand environmental property management

Using environmental indicators to measure and benchmark sustainability in Bali

“You manage what you measure”

Use creative tool´s to manage your resources and save up to 40% of your monthly operational costs.

Log on to an online database – “Eco Toolkit” –  understand and manage your properties environmental footprint. Implement local solutions and create innovation to break through the islands water, waste and energy crisis.

Feel empowered and participate in sustainable solutions. Start saving money and the environment.

The Eco Toolkit:

  • Monitor and evaluate daily property water, waste and energy data
  • Professional turnkey solutions and networking
  • Understand negative externalities: CO2 release, health costs and environmental costs of energy use
  • Obtain operational insights and find huge $avings potential
  • Compare property performance and benchmark values for Bali and Indonesia
  • Track success of energy savings, water savings and waste management strategies
  • Interactive for staff and management

We will link you into a network that offers real performance support and better sustainability solutions.