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Our passion for Bali's history, traditions, and environment are at the heart of all we do at Mantra. Founders Maitri Fischer and Sean Nino Lotze grew up on the island and had the privilege of experiencing Bali in the 1980s and 1990s, a simpler time when the natural beauty and magic of Bali was everywhere. It is something we strive to continue. We remind our partners about the luxury that is Bali's nature. At Mantra everyone dedicates their time on built environments and solutions that offer a very high quality experience, with minimal natural resource needs. Mantra partners with Indonesia's best universities, business leaders, and local communities to improve the sustainable development of the country's tourism industry. This is Mantra Bali. 

Mantra works on environmental management and monitoring solutions

Change and development is inevitable, but that it comes at the continuous cost of the environment is not. The environment is a very complex system that functions within ecosystem boundaries. Our team works on building an understanding of these boundaries and provides tools that show how many resources are really being consumed and how much is being wasted. 

Mantra makes it easy for properties to become environmental friendly by measuring and improving resource consumption, developing standards for sustainable engineering design and construction, and providing green building certification. Mantra takes historical records and brings forward the stories and solutions that inspire green leadership and real sustainability. Mantra also provides the right tools for teams to tackle problems with energy and intelligence and provides guidance to improve the ecosystems around us. 

Mantra was featured on the International TV Series “Founders Valley” and showcases water saving solutions in the episode Sacred Water, Scarce Water. The show was aired in the 30 countries and languages, on the Deutsche Welle DW Network.

It is often too easy to lose sight of the larger meaning of our work. Whether a technician or manager we all become immersed in our daily activities, focusing on the "what" part of the equation. We put the "why" at the forefront. We guide people to find the right environmental solutions on their own, so that environmental management becomes their natural inclination.


Our Achievements
Nexus Asia Summit, Bali 2018

NEXUS Asia Summit

Co-Founder Sean Nino was invited as a speaker to the 3rd Annual NEXUS Asia Summit. The event brought together many of Asia’s young social change leaders, family business members, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, investors and civil society leaders to discuss and explore solutions to pressing issues facing Indonesia, Asia, and the world.  

Founders Forum, Jakarta 2018

Founders Forum

The Mantra team was invited as speakers to discuss how emerging technologies and progressing digitalization are increasingly driven by young and ingenious entrepreneurs. The forum discussed innovative solutions that tackle current problems and demands.  

Potato Head Family, Asia´s award winning hospitality group implements the complete Eco Toolkit with Mantra, Bali 2018  

Potato Head Family

Complete and highly detailed energy, water, and waste audits and full management of solutions implementation reduced the group's flagship beach clubs CO2 emissions by 350,000 Kg/ year and adjoined resource savings worth over 85,000 $USD/ year. The Potato Head Family is heavily focused on the environment, goes carbon neutral, and…  

Founders Valley Series, Deutsche Welle TV, Berlin 2017

Deutsche Welle TV

Mantra is featured on the Internationally broadcast feature documentary. The series was broadcast in over 20 countries on DW and local networks alike. Viewers get a detailed look into the daily work at Mantra and learn about the Bali Water Protection Program as well as engineering solutions that make tourist…  

APEC High-Level Meeting on Accelerating Waste Management Solutions to Reduce Marine Litter, Bali 2017


Sean Nino was invited to the APEC meeting to provide insights on community-owned waste management in Indonesia. The event provided an opportunity to discuss unfair fertilizer subsidies that hamper local compost production, unnecessary and excessive plastic packaging standards and other topics revolving around the South East Asian waste crisis. The…  

Start Up Weekend,The Tourism Edition, Dojo, Bali 2017

Genius Cafe

Co-Founder Sean Nino won 2nd place with the MPH circular approach and Hubs, a community approach and software that builds and grows village-owned waste/material management facilities that cater to industry and local villagers. Entrepreneur Social, Genius Cafe, Bali 2017. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PneOzGklYqA  

Award Winning Waterpark Implements the Complete Eco Toolkit with Mantra

Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali, Asia's Nr. 1 award winning waterpark implemented the complete Eco Toolkit with Mantra in 2017. Complete and highly detailed energy, water, and waste audits as well as the full management of solutions implementation reduced the waterpark's CO2 emissions by 686,000 Kg/ year. Adjoined resource savings are worth over…  

Al Jazeera News Network

TV News

Bali´s Eco Entrepreneurs are making Bali a better place. The MPH Circular Approach to Waste Management were featured on Al Jazeera making Bali a better place. The community-owned waste management approach is showcased. The approach grows within the local socio-economic framework and speeds up infrastructure development to reduce the amount…  

Completes Turnkey Solutions for Energy, Water and Waste

Ayung Resort Bali

Ayung Resort Bali carried out turnkey solutions for energy, water, and waste. The project was successfully implemented by Mantra in 2016. The 43 room and 12 private villa luxury resort reduced its CO2 emissions by 149,500 Kg per year, adjoined energy savings of 166,000 kWh, and water savings of 12…  

AC Retrofit With a 5 Month Payback Period

Alila Resort Ubud

Alila Resort Ubud had a successful AC retrofit with a 5 month payback period. The project was successfully implemented by Mantra in 2016. The 60 room luxury resort reduced its CO2 emissions by 60,600 Kg per year and adjoined energy savings of 67,000 kWh resulting in over 10,000 $USD /…  

Energy Savings and Complete Turnkey Solutions

Viceroy Resort Bali

Viceroy Resort Bali's first major energy savings and complete turnkey solutions were successfully implemented by Mantra in 2015. The 25 private pool villa luxury resort reduced its CO2 emissions by 413,000 Kg per year and adjoined energy savings of 450,000 kWh, resulting in over 95,000 $USD / year in financial…  

Startup Weekend, Social Innovation, Hubud, Bali 2016

Hubud, Bali 2016

Mantra Co-Founder Maitri Fischer supported the event as a coach and provided input on social impact and innovation ,social entrepreneurship, tech for good, social impact and sustainable solutions.  

Sustainable Solutions

Green School, Bali 2016

Sean Nino kicked off the speaker series: What’s New? Sustainable Solutions on the Rise. The annual event is part of the Green School Bali´s environmental weekend aiming to inspire, connect and equip the community to develop climate resilience.  

Gin Conference

Bali 2016

Sean Nino was a keynote speaker at the Earcos speaker series, where he taked about energy, water, and waste and environmental resilience in Bali. The Global Issues Network (GIN) Conference empowers young people to develop sustainable solutions to address global problems and to implement their ideas with the support of…  

Best Community Service and Social Enterprise 2015

Yak Award

Sean Nino and Maitri Fischer were awarded for their innovative start up and Eco Toolkit that reduces energy and water consumption and minimizes waste to landfill. The young founders were awarded for their cost effective tool and approach that enables tourism resorts to measure, monitor and benchmark their environmental impact.  

"When a business really wants to show off today, it doesn't hang its logo on the equivalent of a gas guzzling Hummer; it proudly puts forward its leanest, cleanest, and coolest new product."

Johann Rockström, Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research

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