Mantra Measures and Manages Sustainability

In 2016 - 2020 Mantra saved clients millions of resources

Electricity Savings (kWh)
Electricity Savings (kWh)
Water Savings (m3)
Water Savings (m3)
Financial Savings (USD)
Financial Savings (USD)
CO<sub>2</sub> Reduced (Kg CO<sub>2</sub>e)
CO2 Reduced (Kg CO2e)
Waste to Landfill Reduced (Kg)
Waste to Landfill Reduced (Kg)

Mantras mission is to develop environmental properties that work in Indonesia, by demonstrating the financial benefits of sustainable engineering and bringing back best traditional practices. Everything we do can be measured and helps to define a local ecosystem boundary.

Our Services
Our Services
Our Services

"Bureaucrats and governments sometimes do not have the correct information, while citizens and users of resources do.”  Elinor Ostrom, On Managing the Commons


Use accurate data to create an easy transition and management scheme to make your property more sustainable.


Guide your projects and team efforts with better evaluations and assessment tools. Realize your goals, track progress and achievements.


Connect with the best solutions available and be part of a network that is defining Bali’s ecosystem boundaries.

You manage what you measure
The Eco-Toolkit

  • Monitor and evaluate daily property water, waste, and energy data
  • Professional turnkey solutions and networking
  • Understand negative externalities: CO2 release, health costs and environmental costs of energy use
  • Obtain operational insights and find huge Savings potential
  • Compare property performance and benchmark values for Bali and Indonesia
  • Track success of energy savings, water savings and waste management strategies
  • Interactive for staff and management

“If we are serious about our human wellbeing - from local communities to the global world economy - we need to now reconnect our entire world to the planet”
Johann Rockström, Developing Planetary Boundries for Decision Making

The Mantra team is a display of Indonesian innovation and ongoing “movement”. They are helping to inspire environmental change for the tourism industry in Indonesia.

Ronald Akili
CEO, Potato Head Family

Mantra brings a refreshing and new approach to planning and development. What they provide is very useful, practical, and easy to understand.

Dr. Ir. Denny Zulkaidi
Dean of Urban Planning and Design, Institute Technology Bandung ITB

Small and medium sized companies like Mantra will help push for innovation in Indonesia. They will create a better understanding of energy efficiency and renewables, they are at the forefront of helping reach the country's environmental targets.

Rida Mulyana
Director General, ESDM Indonesia

Mantra tests, measures, and verifies efficiency and savings potential with smart software and precision measurement tools. The team uses resource consumption and savings models to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. They really helped pinpoint achievable savings for us.

Piet Van Zyl
Director of Engineering, Alila Group

We wish more companies would be dedicated to the environment. Mantra is supporting our university as a technical adviser. They develop artificial groundwater recharge wells with us and help coordinate the Bali Water Protection Program.

Dr. Lilik Sudiajeng
Anggota KBK, Politeknik Bali

The audits Mantra conducted identified savings of over USD 95,000 per year. They are a remarkable team that helped us redefine and fine tune our operational efficiency. Their services proved a great return for our investment.

Anthony S.
General Manager, The Viceroy Bali