Building Energy Simulations

Building Energy Simulation 

BES studies and simulations give development teams that work with Mantra, the necessary confidence to effectively design and implement passive design strategies. Former ideas like shading structures, low thermal conductivity materials, and double glass windows become a reality with Building Energy Simulations and they are able to reduce building envelope heat gain by 40% compared to conventional building envelopes using concrete and glass.

Building energy simulations provide teams with the necessary confidence and help reduce capital costs and operational costs, proving to be highly valuable developers in Indonesia.

BES essentially provides the correct parameters to optimally size any buildings heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and is affected by numerous factors in a complex manner. By using data-driven and reliable analysis to solve multidimensional engineering problems the approach provides a holistic comparison of the effectiveness and efficiency of several energy conservation measures both on building design and all future operational stages.

Mantra just recently implemented this BES approach to provide optimum building performance analysis for the BTID Serangan Marketing Gallery in Bali. Mantra works together with Energy Plus, a state-of-the-art building energy simulation software.

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