Citadines Hotel

Mantra redesigned the hotwater system and provided a buidling envelope study that provided financial savings of 487,000 USD over the systems lifespan of 10 years.

The new Citadines hotel development in Desa Tiyangtutul, will offer 230 rooms and serviced residences. Designed by elColectivo architects, the hotel is draped in a secondary facade that supports lush tropical plants that also provide shade and heat insulation for the building. The hotwater system has been centralized and designed as a closed loop system to reduce losses and maintenance costs. 

Berawa, Badung

53 Ara / 5,300 m2


Citadines Hotel, designed by elColectivo Architects

Concept by elColectivo Architects with supporting Building Envelope Studies and Hotwater Studies provided by Mantra
Mantra Eco Efficiency Savings