Technical Consulting


Improving the sustainability of our declining water tables, combating salt water intrusion, and severe ground and surface water pollution. Mantra helps you and your team recognize the importance of replenishing and taking care of Indonesia's freshwater reserves. Our team of specialists can provide technical and financial support.

Materials Management

Reducing waste to landfill one project at a time. Our waste/materials management initiative is focused on creating measurable success for large tourism resorts and entire villages. We have developed an easy to understand and implement set of tools and principles that immediately starts to reduce the waste going to landfills.

Digital Elevation Mapping

A Digital Elevation Model (DEM) is a 3D representation of the terrain elevations found on the earth's surface. DEMs are generated from variably spaced LiDAR ground points and GPS data and are highly accurate using large amounts of data. These 3D models drastically improve decision making and reduce errors, ultimately improving a teams understanding of the terrain they are working with. Contact us and inquire on how to get up to date andaccurate information for your upcoming construction and development projects.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient businesses are more profitable and successful over time. Our team finds the right technological innovations and opportunities that cut costs and drastically reduce energy consumption.  Since the average cost of electricity has been steadily rising in Indonesia, taking measures to reduce electricity consumptions is strategically important and necessary for every high profile tourism business. Contact our specialists to help cut your financial costs and reduce your energy consumption with return on investments under 2 years.

3D Printing

Our team of engineers have experience in setting up and programming your property’s 3D printer if needed. We will get your printer up and running and ensure that your engineering and maintenance teams will always end up with the right part in their hands to fix and service technical problems effectively. Disrupt traditional processes with dependable in-house production of efficient tools and tailor-made solutions.

Solar Leasing & Energy Efficiency Finance

Solar power is one of the most promising decentralized solutions to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and increase climate resilience and sustainability. Solar power however, has always been a high up-front investment for businesses with 10 year return on investments and uncertain risks. Solar leasing provides security by eliminating risk and installing solar power systems at zero-up-front costs, benefiting your business and the environment. Mantra has partnered with a large energy fund in Jakarta aimed at driving Indonesia´s renewable energy targets. We provide turnkey installations (500 KW - 1 MW) for industry partners and tourism resorts in Indonesia. Contact our team for more information. 

Green Building Certification

As an accredited member of the Green Building Council Indonesia, Mantra offers green building consultation and industry-leading certification (LEED & EDGE) to ensure new developments meet green building standards and become internationally recognized landmark developments. Our team guides Balis Green Building chapter and is at the forefront of the movement by improving current standards and guidelines and providing local expertise that is redefining green development practices. Get in touch to see how we can guide your new development and help you apply a recognized green building standard.

Sustainability Consultation & Audits

Mantra offers sustainability consultation and audits in the fields of energy, water, and waste with the goal of identifying areas where properties can improve sustainability through increased resource efficiency. As part of our turnkey approach Mantra also provides project implementation services and ongoing management through our Eco Toolkit, an online resource management system accessible anywhere in the world. 

Sustainable MEP Design

Mantra specializes in sustainable system design, engineering and Mechanical,  Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design services to increase efficiency and save costs and reduce resource consumption on new developments. Our solutions are locally effective by working with established technology providers that are innovative, financially viable, and part of a solutions network that is registered in Indonesia.