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Asia’s Number 1 award winning Waterpark. With almost 50% tropical gardens, shaded pools, 15 waterslides and other attractions, Waterbom Bali is a lush oasis within Bali’s biggest tourist town, Kuta.


Mantra worked closely with Waterbom CEO and second generation owner, Sayan Gulino to develop a first-of-its-kind sustainability program for a water park. Beginning with audits to improve efficiency, followed by the implementation of a comprehensive Environmental Management System and the implementation of numerous efficiency solutions, the sustainability program is now managed by a motivated green team from multiple departments. Waterbom Bali has transformed its business to be truly sustainability oriented, offering its customers a carbon free, low water footprint, zero waste to landfill recreational experience.


  • Sustainability Audits: conducted energy, water and waste audits to increase resource efficiency, reduce environmental impact and obtain financial savings.
  • Carbon Neutral Business: yearly carbon footprint accounting to enable carbon offsetting.
  • Sustainability Framework: develop baselines, benchmarks, environmental accounting, environmental KPIs for energy, water, waste and carbon.


  • Guided the management team towards sustainable property management practices.
  • Conducted training for Waterbom engineering, sustainability, F&B staff, including a dedicated sustainability manager - the Eco-champion.
  • Develop monthly sustainability reports for accountability and to share with all customers and staff.
  • Implemented energy and water savings solutions and proved financial savings.
  • Verify savings and attainment of sustainability and financial targets.

Environmental Impact & Savings

Electricity Savings: 16%


Water Savings: 28%


Waste to Landfill Reduction: 92%

230,782 kg/year

Carbon Emission Reduction

520,000kg CO2e/year

Financial Savings


Return on Investment


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