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Waterbom Bali’s “Karmic Returns” achieved 2023 PATA Gold Awards

Mantra partnered with Waterbom Bali since 2017, a remarkable shift towards eco-friendly tourism

Date Published: September 6th, 2023

Written by: Irvan Tadarru, edited by Maitri Fischer

We’re excited to announce that our client’s tireless efforts have earned the title “Grand Title Winner in Sustainability and Social Responsibility” at the 2023 Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) Gold Award, an award that celebrates exceptional achievements in the Asia Pacific travel industry. For the past seven years, Eco-Mantra has been working with Waterbom Bali to develop their “Karmic Returns” sustainability program which has grown into one of the most inspiring examples of a business transition towards environmentally responsible tourism that we have seen. This recognition further fuels our passion for a more sustainable world. 

Site visit at Waterbom Bali, with the green team explaining to visitors about Karmic Returns

Waterbom has integrated sustainability into their business model and their guest experience, creating well-being for our planet and future generations. Their sustainability efforts are not only helping to preserve the environment and educate future generations but have also yielded significant financial benefits through improved efficiency. 

Recharge well at Waterbom Bali   Waterbom Bali team explaining to visitors about "Karmic Returns"   A person standing above a composting pile

Some of the initiatives that have been successfully implemented over the years include: 

Energy Management and Climate: Waterbom has taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint: 8% of their electricity comes from solar panels, and they enforce temperature control, LED lighting, and equipment optimization. Timers for pool filters and Variable Speed Drives on water pumps have cut energy consumption by at least 28%. They are a UN Climate Neutral Now participant,  

offsetting their carbon footprint with Renewable Energy Certificates, achieving Carbon Neutral status since 2017. 

Water Management: In 2022, Waterbom reduced water usage by 63% compared to 2016, surpassing conventional fixtures. They use 9 recharge wells to return 36,459 m³ of rainwater annually. Their waste water Treatment Plant saves 1,305 m³ of water. Waterbom reports water consumption monthly for transparency and public awareness. 

Waste Management: The waste management system at Waterbom includes source segregation, on-site waste separation, and organic waste composting, resulting in a remarkable 95% recycling rate and minimal landfill waste (5%). As of September 2022, they’ve banned plastic bags in the park and office to reduce their environmental impact and support planet preservation. 

Education: The “Seed of Thought” program at Waterbom aims to educate and inspire youth about sustainability and environmental responsibility. It fosters awareness, a connection with nature, and a sense of responsibility for conservation, empowering future generations to advocate for sustainability. 

An overview of Waterbom Bali showing waterslides and pools

Waterbom Bali serves as a shining example of how to integrate sustainability into a business model and company culture. Every action counts! So together, let’s turn our sustainability ambitions into sustainability actions.  

If you want to learn more about our partnership with the Waterbom Bali, click here.

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