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Batavia PIK is one of the most popular outdoor destination spots in for residents of Indonesia’s Capital, Jakarat. The beashside destination sits on a 3.5 hectar plot and provides 1.5 km log promenade – filled with many restaurants, hawkers, and retail outlets for the urabn consumer. Tropical colonial era style was the main theme used by the architect. Mantra collaborated on the design to providesustainability concepts for the energy efficient building design, carbon sequestering strategies using mangrove replantation on the dykes, rainwater harvesting, and wastewater recycling for irrigation. Furthermore, Mantra collaborated closely with the landscape designer to develop optimal shading using green corridors and cover to improve comfort for shoppers during the hot, mid day, ultimately increasing the number of mid day revenue for retail outlets.

Environmentally Sustainable Design Services

Design & Build Sustainably

  • ESD Concept
  • Schematic Design

Environmental Impact & Savings

Electricity Savings:


Water Savings: 27%


Waste to Landfill Reduction: 88%


Carbon Emission Reduction:

15,380,000kg CO2e

Financial Savings:


Savings calculated over a 20 year lifetime.

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