• Environmentally Sustainable Design

Berawa beach house is a 98-key beachside resort developed by the Potato Head Family Group. The client wanted to develop a lifestyle surf resort in Berawa, a popular beach town in Bali, Indonesia. A concept of a dense, low lying town was developed, using low carbon natural materials like rammed earth, bamboo and rooftop gardens.

Environmentally Sustainable Design Services

Design & Build Sustainably

  • Environmentally sustainable design from concept design to construction.
  • Passive design studies to optimize the building shading and airflow.
  • Active design studies such as building energy simulation to reduce heat gain, improve AC efficiency and indoor thermal comfort.
  • Integrated sustainable systems design for energy, carbon, water and waste systems.
  • Rainwater harvesting and 100% waste water recycling for potable water and irrigation.
  • Recycling waste water back into potable water using the AOP Ozone system.
  • Natural swimming pool for main pool and low chlorine plunge pools
  • High tech and efficient air conditioning system coupled with air to water heat pump hot water systems.
  • Renewable energy system: 160 kWp grid-tie rooftop solar power over car parking.
  • Low embodied carbon materials: rammed earth, bamboo, recycled timber, local stone, etc
  • Waste separation at source and off-site composting. Reduce waste to landfill by 90%.
  • Integrated Mechanical Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering design.

Environmental Impact & Savings

Electricity Savings:


Water Savings:


Waste to Landfill Reduction:


Carbon Emission Reduction

19,250,000kg CO2e

Financial Savings


Return on Investment

< 6years

Savings calculated over a 20 year lifetime.

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