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Maximilian Jencquel and Mantra collaborated to design a sustainable luxury villa for a private client. The villa is set in the upper reaches of Tampah Hills, Lombok with a magnificent sea view. The architecture is timeless, inspired by the thoughtful construction of sailboats and sea vessels and relies on sunbleached wooden structures and a local, natural material palette in warm earth tones. A special design feature of this home is the ultra high performance of the building envelope, allowing for open living in the tropics by maximizing passive design and airflow while minimizing building heat gain.

Environmentally Sustainable Design Services

Design & Build Sustainably

  • Integrated ESD
  • MEP Complete Design

Environmental Impact & Savings

Electricity Savings:


Water Savings:


Waste to Landfill Reduction:


Carbon Emission Reduction:

1,024,000kg CO2e

Financial Savings:


Return on Investment:


Savings calculated over a 20 year lifetime.

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