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The Green School Tulum is an exceptional, forward-looking educational institute that will bring together culture, comfort and sustainability. The school sits on the 36,000 m2 of land located next to the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum, in the heart of the lush jungle and is part of the holistic Selvazamá residential project. Green School Tulum is the first Green School developed in the Americas. As part of the international design team, Mantra developed a world class sustainability design, incorporating as passive cooling, energy-efficient building design, renewable energy, biological wastewater treatment, rainwater harvesting, nature-based material, preserved forest and responsible waste management. Ultimately developing a sustainable school, a model for the world.

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  • ESD Complete Design

Environmental Impact & Savings

Electricity Savings: 70%


Water Savings: 18%


Waste to Landfill Reduction: 96%


Carbon Emission Reduction:

24,420,000kg CO2e

Financial Savings:


Savings calculated over a 20 year lifetime.

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