• Environmentally Sustainable Design

Somewhere Lombok sits on the beautiful southern coast of the island, overlooking the magnificent Are Guling Bay, which features a world-class surf break. The beach here boasts crystal-clear water and is practically untouched. The resort consists of a restaurant and 20 private villas, with a beach-chic vibe, offering an experience focused around nature, wellbeing, sustainability and community. Mantra provided ESD and MEP services, helping fulfilling the owner vision of a sustainable hotel through various sustainability systems such as passive cooling optimized buildings, rainwater harvesting, wastewater recycling for irrigation, recharge wells, and zero-waste-to-landfill waste management design.

Environmentally Sustainable Design Services

Design & Build Sustainably

  • Integrated ESD
  • MEP complete design

Environmental Impact & Savings

Electricity Savings:


Water Savings: 46%


Waste to Landfill Reduction: 60%


Carbon Emission Reduction:

1,955,000kg CO2e

Financial Savings:


Return on Investment:


Savings calculated over a 20 year lifetime.

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